Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Defiance by Lili St. Crow

Dru’s been through Hell and back.
And still she manages to hold on, but not without consequences. After another attempt on her life, Dru’s still recovering from Anna’s attack. She still can’t get over the fact that Anna, a svetocha, was the cause of her mother’s demise. Being a svetocha herself, Dru hides in one of the very few places that can still offer her safety: The Schola. Graves, her best friend has been taken by Sergej, and has disappeared without a trace, or that’s what she thinks until a source comes forward with evidence which accuses the one person that she trusts with her life as being the one to turn Graves over to her enemy...

Lili St. Crow, you've created a monster.
I don't think I’ll be able to make it without my daily dose of Strange Angels.
One Word: Addictive.

So, I’m at the end of yet another Strange Angels novel.... noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Why? Why cruel fate? I'll be tossing and turning in anticipation for Reckoning. Whyyyy????

If you're worried that Defiance won't live up to the previous books, you've nothing to worry about.
The beginning of Defiance started with a bang! Lili St Crow, how could I ever have doubted you? Lili knows just how to capture the attention of a reader; the pages flew by in a flurry. Even when the plot had relatively calmed down there was anticipation, it was the tranquillity at the eye of the storm, and we all know that it's bound to blow.
True to its word, Defiance had an absolutely astounding ending, the twists, the turns, the betrayal!

Dru Anderson, your good ol' neighbourhood Svetocha. She's still as stubborn as ever, and yes, in case you're wondering, she still brings up her fathers' gruesome ending quite often. But you honestly can't blame her; the experience of shooting your own father may be slightly traumatic. Still recovering from Anna's attempt on her life, Dru's cooped up inside the Schola being watched 24/7. Still she manages to escape every now and then, or so she thinks.

Christophe, dark, mysterious and completely and utterly drool worthy. Yeah, he's still around and as confusing as ever! You know so little about him, but in that way it keeps his character I suppose.

Graves surprisingly is not a main character in Defiance, though he still plays a major role. Being kidnapped tends to have that effect :) Even when he's missing, Graves still manages to influence the story. Big time.

The two males in this book are so different and even though it doesn’t mention it as much in this novel, you can still tell that Dru’s having trouble choosing. One moment she declares her affections for Christophe the next she’s calling him a traitor. Aaarrgghh so frustrating! To be honest I prefer Christophe :) Graves can just go away :)
In summary, Defiance as mentioned above is a riveting read that’s guaranteed to keep you wanting more! How I’ll manage without Reckoning? I don't know. But I won't risk dying before I get my hands on it :)

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